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Depending on the cost of the CCTV device, it can have a different additional functionality. For example, some models have a night mode, so they do not need constant light in the room. There are also IP-cameras, which can be accessed from absolutely any other gadget, in particular, from the smartphone.CCTV

Rating of the Best IP Cameras

In today’s rating, the following parameters are taken into account:

  • Type of IP camera;
  • Estimated costs;
  • Picture resolution;
  • The size and resolution of the matrix;
  • Sensor technology;
  • Focal length and aperture of the lens;
  • Dimensions;
  • Type of the used power;
  • IP-functional;
  • Additional features;
  • Mounting options;
  • The presence of IR-illumination.

In short, if you do not regret spending the money and take the best model, then you will sleep peacefully, as your home will be reliably protected. You can consider taking personal credit for buying the model that you like the best. Your calmness while leaving home for work or traveling is the best in what you can invest your money. Don’t be afraid of such expenses and they can be generously rewarded with the fact that your precious objects and money that you keep at home will never be stolen.


Corum CCTV managed to become a highly popular and recognizable brand. Corum IP-video cameras are put in trade points and premises of any type. Buyers are not confused by the relatively low cost of such devices: the fact that the cameras are stably coping with their task is a more important fact. Many models produced by Corum have a waterproof case that allows them to be installed even on the street.


The D-Link company exists since 1986. Now it is known nearly in the whole world. Thousands of telecommunication devices are produced by D-link every day. This brand is familiar to the consumers by its Wi-Fi routers. Well, various security organizations are aware of D-Link IP-cameras as well. You can find them in shops, enterprises and even government institutions.D-Link cctv


The management of Geovision has timely conducted the transition from analog to digital technology. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the premises of banks and retail chains, which would not have installed IP cameras that monitor what is happening. In some cases, the owners of such premises make their choice in favor of products under the Geovision trademark.


Nowadays, HikVision is the world leader in the segment of manufacturers of video surveillance products. It is possible to find its IP-cameras, video capture cards, video servers and other similar devices in at least 150 countries. HikVision IP-cameras are often in no way inferior to competitors, and in many cases even surpass them.HikVision


Many know the Panasonic brand for cameras, headphones, music centers and TVs. But in fact, the range of its products manufactured is much wider. However, Panasonic IP-cameras are known to fewer consumers. Experts say that they are very functional but often too expensive.

Whatever your choice of IP-camera will be, know that the money spent on video surveillance is worth it. Make your home the safest place ever!