How to Choose a Camera for Shooting in Conditions of Insufficient Illumination

Night-vision Cameras

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The fundamental feature that unites all such cameras is the presence of IR illumination, without which it is impossible to provide video surveillance at nighttime. Certain characteristics and features should be considered not to remain disappointed with the purchase of such a camera.Night-vision Cameras

Characteristics Of Night-vision Cameras

A good device for night surveillance should have a number of relevant characteristics:

  • The presence of powerful IR illumination, preferably adaptive;
  • Ability to switch from color mode to black and white;
  • High sensitivity of the sensor;
  • Presence of ICR filter;
  • Weatherproof enclosure.

You can consider taking a personal credit in order to have the night-vision camera with the best possible characteristics. After all, taking into account all the benefits that night surveillance can bring for the security of your home or business premises, it will be a good value for money.


Blacklight is mandatory when night shooting is required. It is necessary to pay attention to the light parameters declared by the manufacturer such as backlight angle, the range of action, and execution. The angle of illumination ideally should coincide with the angle of view of the camera lens, otherwise, on the image, you can get a bright spot of light in the middle of the frame and dark areas along the edges.


The ability to automatically switch from color mode to black and white and vice versa is also a must when choosing a night surveillance device as in a dark time it is better to select a monochrome mode. Presence of a color mode allows to use it effectively for gathering of the maximum quantity of the information on an object in normal daylight.  

ICR filter

ICR filter is a shiftable mechanical IR filter located in front of the camera array. Its presence is important for the image quality to remain good enough in monochrome mode at night.

Outside use

It is worth purchasing devices with a special protective surface that can withstand high and low temperatures, and also unfavorable environmental factors such as dust and moisture.

Sensitivity of the sensor

For video surveillance in dark conditions, the sensitivity of the camera matrix should be as high as possible.<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Three Features Of Security Cameras For Night Vision

The cameras of night-time surveillance have their own characteristics, which are present only on this type of device. These features can also be attributed to the shortcomings of night devices. It is possible to allocate them to the following 3 points:

  • High sensitivity to the presence of small particles in the air, like dust, rain, or snow;
  • Ripple of the image when working with unstable energy sources;
  • Limited resources of IR LEDs.

These drawbacks are typical only for this type of device, but as you can see, it is quite possible to reconcile with them. The life of the diodes in CCTV devices is still quite good (usually from 20 000 to 50 000 hours), and the blizzard with rain is not so often. Therefore, in the absence of alternatives, a night-time camera with IR illumination is a very good solution to the issue of night shooting.

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