How To Set Up Remote Internet Viewing?

remote view ipcamera

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Remote video monitoring is becoming more popular every day, and with the advent of special Cloud services, its availability is growing. According to the information of TechSci Research, the segment of IP-video surveillance has grown fourfold in the last three years. Among the leading players are the companies HikVision and Bosch Security.

Thanks to the remote access, it is possible to view online almost everything from anywhere on Earth what is happening in front of security cameras. All that you will need is the Internet connection. To date, the implementation of this kind of surveillance is available for both large organizations and private usage. Since almost all the manuals are similar, you can easily do it yourself following instructions for HikVision or Bosch cameras as they are easier to find.remote view ipcamera

Pros of Wireless Security Cameras and Setup Process

The main advantage of creating CCTV monitoring by using cloud services is the absence of the need for a separated IP address. The main requirement, in this case, will be the support of P2P technology on your DVR. The principle of remote access to the CCTV system, in this case, is the constant connection of the DVR or the camera with the cloud service and the transfer of data to it. Moreover, at any time you can check the system and view what is happening online, or work with the archive.

To do this, you need:  

  1. to go to the site of the service, for example, HikVision or Bosch Security, using any device;
  2. to enter the registrar identification number and password in the service authorization form;
  3. to enter the specified during registration in case of a separate registration in the cloud service.

This method significantly simplifies the task for people who do not understand or do not want to spend their time tuning the router, getting an external permanent IP address, etc. In most cases, in order to configure the DVR, it is enough just to enter its interface, and click the line “P2P” or “Cloud”. To start to observe what is happening from the cameras remotely, you can use any device; just enter and feed in the requested data into the authorization form.

What Are The Cons Of Wireless Cameras?

However, even the best brands such as mentioned above can’t deny that there are certain disadvantages of such kind of cameras. The main disadvantage of video monitoring through the Cloud service is the restriction of the connection speed. Therefore, there will be bitrate restrictions on the video stream, resulting in a considerably lower image quality. Nevertheless, users of 3G modems will not even notice this, because the connection speed is already quite low and is strictly limited by the parameters of the 3G standard.

Nevertheless, security cameras can be useful in different life situations, for example:

  • to organize monitoring in the suburban area;
  • to monitor the actions of a nanny taking care for a child;
  • to observe the progress of repair or building a house by workers, etc.;

So do not neglect such an excellent mean of monitoring and protection. Install video observation on time.

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