Pros and Cons of Wireless CCTV Сameras

Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras

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Due to the latest developments, it is possible to perform hidden video surveillance through the installation of wireless cameras. The question of where to hide such a device has greatly simplified. It can be styled under the interior element, installed anywhere in the bedroom, kitchen, officeб and so on. Contemporary hidden observation provides incredible space for fantasy and camouflage selection.

The Advantages of Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras

Most of those deciding to install hidden surveillance prefer wireless cameras for the following reasons:

  • ease of installation and operation;
  • ease of connection to electronic media;
  • simple repair and maintenance;
  • increased anti-vandal protection;
  • the impossibility of detection due to installation in non-standard places;
  • wide angle of video surveillance;
  • the absence of incompatibility with interior decoration of the room;

Wireless Video Surveillance CamerasWireless cameras are characterized by their mobility, so you can move them around the house and monitor the house in different rooms. You can easily transfer recordings from cameras to a VCR, computer or TV. You can also control the surveillance devices using the remote control.

Disadvantages of Wireless Video Cameras

Like any type of digital surveillance equipment, wireless video cameras have their drawbacks in comparison to analogs. They include:

  • the higher cost of the device, its installation, and maintenance;
  • the need to purchase accessories and peripherals;
  • long installation time;
  • the need for repair.

Since wireless video cameras operate on radio waves, false alarms occur more frequently, because other radio signals can be casually taken into account by such devices. It is very important to frequently check the batteries on radio cameras to make sure that they always work.Wireless Video Surveillance Cameras

Select a Video Camera

Depending on the individual user requirements, you can select wireless camcorders according to the following parameters:

  • dimensions and viewing angle;
  • sensitivity and color (colored or black and white);
  • resolution and video quality;
  • the number of connected devices;
  • the ability to connect to local and global computer networks and the possibility of the remote control;
  • ability to put records to your hard drive;
  • memory capacity;
  • operational access of any type;
  • presence of motion detector;
  • the possibility of personalizing parameters and so on.

All these parameters directly affect the cost of the camcorder. The choice depends on the individual objectives you buy the hidden video surveillance device for. Average prices for radio equipment are available to everyone. The choice is quite big. So it is not a problem to buy a wireless camera if you need or wish to do so.

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