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Being a volunteer implies that you give a part of your time to participating in socially significant projects and activities aimed at improving our life. Being a responsible volunteer is the way of life of a modern civilized person. Today, more than one hundred million people are participating in the volunteer movement around the world. But why do they take part in such activities? Is there any goal they pursue? Let us get all this straightened out.  

Increase Self-Esteem

As a volunteer, you help people. Participating in social projects, you make the world around us better, contributing to the salvation of our planet. Being a part of a charity project, you always realize that you do good, and that’s why you become better. You start to feel differently, and the attitude of others towards you is also changing.

Grow up

A life of a volunteer has several hierarchical steps. Everything begins with small shares and volunteering projects in the city. As you gain experience, it becomes possible to work for more serious and more global events. The next step is going abroad with the aim to help others. Having immersed yourself in this world, you begin to look for interesting projects yourself.

Build the Foundation for Your Future Career

The first thing employers look at when hiring you is your resume. Apart from your education and work experience, you are usually asked about other things you are doing in life. Volunteering here is a huge advantage for you. With such a “hobby,” you not only demonstrate your personal qualities – kindness, responsiveness, sociability, responsibility – but also show yourself as a many-sided and developed person. What is more, in some big companies working according to international standards, the volunteering experience is almost an obligatory quality for an applicant.

Increase Your Chances of Receiving Grants

The same thing happens as you prepare a CV when applying for a grant or scholarship for studying abroad. Of course, it will be important to have a good academic performance and be compliant with the main parameter of a particular program. But be sure indicating that you are a volunteer you go up in the list of candidates for a grant.

Being a volunteer is associated not only with casting bread upon the waters but also with making donations in the form of money. Although it may seem easy to do, donating covers a lot of aspects. First and foremost, it is important to choose the right bank and a credit card to make donations with. When dealing with the stable financial institution, you can avoid unnecessary commissions charged for a transaction.

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myplatform2.com_userJune 1, 2017 at 9:33 am

Many politicians need PR. Some of them do PR for charity. It’s good. It’s better to be known for good deeds.

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